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Self-Defense Classes and Conditioning

 Two Hour Women’s Self Defense Seminar!

Get set for the best workout you’ve ever had! Want to make your body the fittest it’s ever been while learning a valuable, useful skill that could one day save your life, all while have the best time you’ve ever had? Then you are definitely in the right place!


kids classKarate, Discipline and Fitness For Adults and Kids!

Self Defense Classes at Self Defense Options of  West Chester, Ohio are perfect for women, men and kids of almost  any age and experience range. The staff is devoted to assisting each student in creating martial arts expertise, achieving core conditioning and honing self-defense skills. Thrilling, entertaining, fast-paced instruction covers total self-defense training in a sensible, smart and rational approach.

At Self Defense Options in West Chester, Ohio, each class includes:

  • Strength and flexibility conditioning
  • Combined cardio and resistance workouts
  • Useful skills for self-defense
  • A lot of fun!

Aren’t These the Skills You’ve Always Desired?  students

Our self defense students take pride that they KNOW they have the resources at hand to protect themselves and others should the need arise. Do you? Would you like to?

AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS SKILLS: Our self-defense classes teach practical defensive moves that promote fast progress of your ability to protect yourself, family and friends.

AWESOME WORKOUTS:  Our self defense classes not only teach practical self defense, but will get you in shape!

We have programs to suit everyone and anyone! Call us, and get your start right now!

Make the RIGHT DECISION for yourself now! It’s time!

The training at Self Defense Options in West Chester, Ohio could be the best decision of your life.  Whether your goal is to become a black belt, to get into the best shape of your life, to defend yourself and your loved one or to enter the world of competitive martial arts, this is the school for you! We’ve witnessed countless stories of success, and we want your story to be the next one, so call us now at 513-227-6744 to sign up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!